Europes biotech renaissance

Good read: Europes biotech renaissance written by our friends from Nature Research (Publishing)

Our key takeaways from the article:

The private biotech sector is raising more money than ever before in Europe, with UK standing out against e.g. Germany, France or Switzerland. The trend of increasing amount of private money raised by European biotechs is driven by a maturing local VC landscape, management talent and capital inflow from Asia and US.

FUNDING SOURCES: Capital inflow from Asia and US to Europe continues to play a key role in European biotech – especially for later-stage funding, as the early stage funding problem in Europe from a few years ago seems to be fixed. This trend also drives the interest in Nasdaq as the public market of choice for European biotechs (e.g. Genmab, BioNTech SE)

INVESTOR LANDSCAPE: In search for bigger returns through a bigger piece of the equity, early-stage company-building venture capitalists are increasingly active on the European market (e.g. Flagship Pioneering, Sofinnova Partners) and even attract later-stage investors and PE’s to invest in biotech ventures.