Insightful study on the economical impact of start-ups

The start-up ecosystem of Germany can become an essential part of the country’s growth engine by 2030, according to a new study by @McKinsey. Startups newly founded by 2030 could contribute an estimated nearly 2.3 trillion Euros to the German economy (this is >20% of the market capitalization of today’s DAX40 companies) and create more than 1.44 million new jobs.

The key levers mentioned in the study to achieve these goals are:

  • Increase the share of founders from universities
  • Double the share of female founders
  • Double the share of founders with nonacademic background
  • Increase founding activity in age group 30-39
  • Increase the share of migrant-community founders

As these levers are well aligned with the LabBench2Business approach, we are happy to contribute our part to it.

You can find the study here: